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What is Bitcoin Transaction Life Cycle?

Bitcoin Transaction Life Cycle

What is Bitcoin Transaction Life Cycle? Let’s understand this with an example, suppose Jane wants to send 10 Bitcoins to Alice? Jane will use a wallet service provided by Codies Alert that can create Jane’s Transaction and Broadcast it to…

What is double-spending

What is double-spending?

What is double-spending and How does Bitcoin solve it? In simple terms, the double-spending problem is when someone is able to spend the same coin multiple times.  Let’s understand this with an example, suppose you have 1 Bitcoin in your…

What is a Hash? Codies Alert

What is a Hash?

What is a Hash? A Hash function takes an input of any length and converts it into an output of a fixed length of 32 bytes. For e.g. if you will pass ‘Codies Alert’ to SHA256 Hash Function, it will give us the 32 bytes long Hash. 
Best Blockchain Guide for Beginners

What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain? What is Blockchain?  Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. What do I mean by Distributed Ledger Technology? Unlike traditional ways, companies stored data on a centralized location, Blockchain stores data on 1000's of nodes or servers. Even if 1 or 10 nodes go down because of any issue, your applications will still be served by other nodes available on the network which means no government has any control over Bitcoins and no one can shut this down because of its decentralized architecture.


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