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Simplify your journey into Blockchain, Web3, AI, with our comprehensive courses, guiding you through the implementation of core concepts from the ground up. At CodiesAlert, discover a wealth of high quality content covering all aspects of these technologies and trends.

As a seasoned Technical Recruiter with over a decade of experience in the industry, I’ve always been fascinated by new tech trends. However, I encountered a significant gap in the availability of comprehensive courses that catered to non-techies and developers looking to delve into complex subjects like Blockchain, Web3, and AI from scratch.

Seeing the huge demand for these skills in these areas and the lack of beginner friendly resources, I teamed up with a buddy who’s also been in tech for more than 10 years and shares the same passion. Together, we founded Codies Alert!

At Codies Alert, we’re committed to providing affordable, high quality educational resources that empower individuals to master these cutting-edge technologies without the frustration and time consuming search for reliable content. 

Our mission is simple: We value time and money hence we make learning enjoyable, effective, and accessible to all, while also preparing individuals for real world projects. That’s why our courses aren’t just theory based; they’re project based, allowing you to learn as you go at every step of the way.

Since we started, we’ve had over 4000+ developers who have found value in our courses and resources. We are continuously expanding our offerings, with plans to introduce more courses and informative blogs covering a wide range of topics and skills within Blockchain, Web3, and AI making you job ready.

Join us at Codies Alert and unlock your potential in the dynamic world of technology.

Anni Maan
Founder & CTO
Mahati V Singh
Co-Founder & COO

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Our Vision
Discover Your Future: Embrace Blockchain, Web3, AI Today and Unlock Limitless Opportunities by constantly upskilling and staying competitive!

Our vision is to make these transformative technologies accessible and affordable to all through our courses. We envision a future where individuals have full control over their data, breaking free from corporate dominance. In this transparent, secure, and inclusive Web3 ecosystem, blockchain serves as the foundation for data ownership and privacy.

Our Mission
  • Simplify Blockchain, Web3, AI Learning: Making comprehensive courses easy, accessible and affordable to all.
  • Deepen Understanding: Offer in-depth explanations of technologies.
  • Ensure Lifelong Access: Provide continuous learning and growth opportunities.
  • Empower Creation: Provide guidance for DApp development.

Through these efforts, we empower individuals to shape the future of AI, Blockchain, and Web3.



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